Accurate live maps of future construction sites or other areas are not available at the moment. To plan the logistics and the design of construction projects a survey of a certain area is crucial but time consuming and usually inaccurate.

We can help you getting the information you and your client needs  time and cost efficient. With drones and the latest software we can create highly accurate maps which can be shared  with the whole project team. 

Distances and areas can be easily measured without any extra software. The maps also can be downloaded and archived for possible future tasks. An accuracy from +/- 10mm can be achieved.

Elevation maps can be easily created which helps the design team to understand the construction site. Elevations maps can be easily adjusted to match the clients needs. Possible future problems can be identified which helps our clients to work more cost effective and efficient. 


Pre-construction site visits are important to get a construction site up and running. Sharing the collected information of such visits is difficult and information can get lost easily. Also as-built surveys & drawings are time consuming but important.

We can create 3D models of finished project or at certain stages throughout the construction period time and cost efficient. The 3D models we create are highly accurate and can be easily shared with team members.

The 3D models and all its results can be easly presented without an extra software. All you need is an internet connection and an invitation or log in.